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Fight Club your Start-up Project

December 21 2013 6:07 PM

Our motto : Do more & faster with less

Bringing your project to life !

For us, the most complicated thing for a project holder who has been thinking about his idea for many years and has planned tons of different functionalities / views / usages, is to tell him: ok, your project will be live in 3 days. Usually he come back after a fail and have spent 6 months / 1 year for almost nothing.

He must forget what he has planned for so many years, forget the previous failures.

We are Start-Up projects builders & Hackathon runners, we find the shortest way to build things that can bring value and reflect the true potential of your project, abstracting you from all the technical problems, with some incredible technology potential.

How do we work :

We release a new sprint every 4/5 hours, when working 3 days focus we could deliver up to 15 sprints, that's a run for us, each day is a big step in your project.

Let magic happen !

We have a long experience in building social networks, streaming platforms, billing solutions, social network aggregators, curation tools, etc... We give value to your project just by building it on the fly, step by step.

Our goal is simple: everyone should be proud of what we have built in a 3 day run.

Let's start the challenge.

The Birth

There are some rules for the most successfull "Fight-Club your Project" 3 day run :

  • 1st rule : Be out of your comfort zone: Let's stay up 48h to 72h working, eating, and sleeping in the same area to focus on the goal.
  • 2nd rule : Like childbirth, it could be painful, but no matter what, we have to reach the goal, there is no choice here, so be prepared. ;)
  • 3rd rule: we need good working conditions: good internet connection, comfortable area for working heavily.


While moving forward really quickly you also need to take a step back from time to time, and get market / advisor feedback on what we are building.

So we can build a complete prototype or a product in multiple runs, and at every step you can choose where to go.

  • 3 to 6 x 3-days run to have a fine tuned prototype.
  • 6 to 10 x 3-days run to have a "ready to market" product - if we are not in this mode since the beginning ;).


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