Our realizations From Start-up project to Mobile TV / IPTV Industry.

Our Realizations

Mobile TV / IPTV Infrastructure

a Distributed Video Streaming Infrastructure.

We have built this network for a Start-Up in deal with Mobile Operators and Internet Service Providers.
Covering all the aspects :

  • Network Architecture :
    - Satelitte Content Acquisition
    - Multicast Video Streaming Network
    - Storage Area Network
    - Network Monitoring
    - Hybrid Cloud Computing
  • System & Core Architecture :
    Virtual Machines :
    - Live encoding server
    - Offline encoding server
    - API server
    - TV Channel generator server
    - Streaming Servers (RTSP, MPEG-TS, HLS, RTMP)
    - Content Managment System server
    - VoD Server
    - Service Monitoring

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Mobile TV Platform

A B2B2C TV Streaming platform.

Realized in 2006 (pre-smartphone age) with a mobile handset compatibility of about 1500 handsets at that time without any Video player installation (using embed one). This platform enable the edition of "TV Channel" from a VoD Catalog with a programming scheduler, ad insertion, jingles, etc...
Currently managing more than 250 Channels, each of them in at least 6 different streams (from older phones on low bandwidth to recent ones on high bandwidth network) and is served through 4 transport protcols (RTSP, HLS, RTMP, MPEG-TS) for Multi-Devices ( Web, Mobile, IPTV ).
Some features :

  • Mobile handset recognition for automatic stream and transport protocol selection.
  • B2B REST API for TV Channel and VoD Content Catalog access.
  • "TV Channel" Generation using a planning and a Video catalog.
  • Live Channel integration with Catch-up functionnality.

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Open Source Snippet as API Cloud

A live cloud environement for coding.

Project born in a Node.js 48h international hackathon (finished 2nd in Solo Team), here is the pitch :
Web Developer are always looking for snippets to understand how API / Algo works, but those snippets are almost never runnable, so you have to create a running environnement to see if it works. Its time consuming !
Webpipes.io are ready to run snippet which can be tested in live and integrated in your application in few minutes, you could also build snippet using other webpipes.

  • Live coding.
  • Snippet as API running in the cloud.
  • Social Open Source.

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Social TV Service

Video curation as TV Channel Social Network.

Social TV is defined as classical TV with some social sugar, but our vision of Social TV is to build TV Channel from Social network video activity.
So this service build "TV Channel" from Video of your friends or you are sending through social networks, you can create custom TV Channel, like "My Cooking TV" and put interested video in that channel which can be followed by other users.
You can also discover new channel by surfing from user to tv channel in the service while watching a TV channel.

  • Video curation.
  • User Generated TV Channel.
  • Full browser video.
  • Overlay interface as TV experience.

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Social Video Search Engine

Watch the world live.

A simple meta search engine around video, search for an event, country or place, and it will query 4 social networks : Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube and ask them to return last messages from your search, we extract all videos from those messages and stream each result back to you.
You will find all most recent and buzzing videos from your search it is played as a TV Channel, chaining all video results.
It was born on a 24h hackathon and we made it online at the end, we were just in time as usual ;). .

  • Simple and efficient unusual architecture for a better User Experience.
  • Open Source.

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