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IT Services

Project Realization

Time to market efficiency : We make your project become quickly a reality.

At multineta we have a big experience in building Web and Mobile service, platform and infrastructure for Start-ups in the Telecommunication and Internet Industries.
In our realizations, we have taken the best from the both worlds, the reactivity of a Start-up and the reliability of the Industry.
With the use of agile methology and modern web technology we iterate quickly over your project. To make it becoming a reality and ready for market in just a few weeks.
Using real-time control and monitoring system we can handle the complexity of interconnected systems (Multidevices applications and browsers, services API and distribution system, thrid party data integration) to bring consistency and reliability as Industry requirement.

  • Start-up methodology for cost efficiency and high reactivity.
  • Control and Monitoring systems for reliability and Industry requirements.

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Use our expertise in your critical needs.

Technology are evolving so fast that it is really difficult to be aware of all those changes when you are focused on your business. That's the job of our experts, they can help you in your decision making and strategy direction.
With their huge background they can help you diagnostic cause of problems and suggest you different way to solve them.
All those experts are our special forces commando, their efficiency have been proved. We have experts in a wide technological scope : Architecture, Back-end, Front-end, Database, Mobile, Games Developement, Data Analytics, Connected TV, API, etc...

  • Crisis managment / Ninja problem solver.
  • Web & Mobile Strategy.
  • Service Scaling.
  • Service Architecture.

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Get an outside view on what have been done.

Managing an IT Department is not easy, business activity focused your view on specific side. Our expert job is to bring you feedbacks with a global point of view.
All of our experts have managed IT Dept. for several years, so they understand quite well all the complexity of building IT Dept.

  • Audit are made by IT Deptartement Manager.

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Research & Development

Prepare your business for next market steps.

Stay in touch with your market, don't let your concurrent drive it.
Since the beginning all our project are built driven by innovation from usage to technology.
From Mobile live video streaming platform in 2006 (pre-smartphone age) to user generated TV channels from social network, we embrace innovation.
Our R&D departement will help you build amazing technology to push the limit forward and give you better chances to develop your business.
Multinetia is a research organization approved by French Ministry. .

  • Innovation as core feature.
  • R&D for Web and Mobile Platform.

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