Blog Will your Company survive the Web Revolution ?.

Will your Company survive the Web Revolution ?

December 31 2012 4:10 AM

Society is changing quickly using Web technology on a global market, those technology are all about interconnection, openness and sharing.

New generation embrace the same values.
You need to modernize your business te be ready for this emerging new world.

Be a Brand : you need to share with your Comunity

With Social Network have emerged Personnal Branding, so use this tools for your business to be a Brand.

  • Customer as Community :
    as a Company Your customer and prospect is your community, you need to share information with them but also let them share about you, each content and information created is more visibility for you, so dynamise your community, create incentive, challenges, community places (Forum, Facebook Page, etc...).
  • Use Blog and Social Network :
    Give informations about what you do, how, and most important why you do it, to associate your brand with your values.

Be Aware

Social networks are really powerfull media to stay connected with your business, you have to know how to extract revelant informations from them.

Be Agile

To stay in touch with your market try to adapt Agile methodology and Lean concepts to your business, core values are :

  • Reactivity :
    Get feedback from your customer as soon as possible.
    Iterate quickly with sprint on your projects to get those feedbacks and avoid trap of complex system without market.

  • Adaptability :
    Do not hesitate to pivot your business to stay in market race. Be focus on your business value, use existing tools for what is outside your core business, and build value on none existing one, or on your process, and try to make them interconnectable.

Be more people centric by empowering People

  • Give your employees and customers a voice, enable bottom-up / transversal communication
  • Enable sharing knowledge / content with Enterprise Social Network
  • Use collaborative user-friendly tools :

Be ready for a global Interconnection ( Business as API )

Imagine your business can be plugged in other businnesses quickly without you have to do anything.
For this, you have to build Web API ( Customer Computers can send you request, your computers will send them back response) around your business.
Even if it is human people processing on each request you can automated process, that's what have done Amazon with the Amazon Mechanical Turk

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